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Manifesto: Passionate about good object-oriented design, great UX, security, performance optimization and testing. I strive to write well-designed, reliable code that will be easy to understand and modify in the future. Helping others become better and more successful is one of my favorite ways to contribute intellectual value to the team.

About Sean

I am dedicated to ensure nothing but the best gets delivered to my clients, providing them with Web Development, Drupal Development & Web Design for outstanding Websites. My projects range from large e-commerce platforms, corporate websites, intranet & online communities, custom websites, etc.

Web Development

I'd like to think of my creative boundaries as ever-expanding. Rightly so too (I hope), I am constantly pushing my team's boundaries in imagining and conceiving new ideas.

This is imperative to me as what I do is more than simply writing or drawing, but rather creating a story for others to connect to.

When I am brainstorming your website, no stone is left unturned: every possibility is explored before being turned into reality.

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I have found NodeJS to be a highly efficient tool that allows rapid and cost-effective development of websites and web-based applications. But its main advantage resides in its immense flexibility allowing me to fully tailor solutions to my clients' needs and ensure that they obtain the website they dreamt of.

Responsive web design makes your web pages looking good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). It is about using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it always fit on any screen, whatever its size. The final aim is to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across the wider range of devices.
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The Long Road to Coding Mastery

I've worked very hard to both develop the technical competencies and drive to take on the tasks required to build great full-stack websites and produce quality work, this is why I have a unique edge compared to other web developers and why I stay on top of my game in Portland, OR.

First Quarter-2014.

Procured 1000 Dash Cryptocurrency needed for Masternode

Third Quarter-2015.

Completed web development intensive General Assembly Bootcamp in Santa Monica, CA

First Quarter-2016.

Hired as Front-End Developer within Innovation Lab at Finnish ad agency, Kiosked

Fourth Quarter-2018.

Partnerships, Enhancements.
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I'm a believer in investing time on each clients' project. My philosophy is to always take the time to fully understand my clients' vision and needs. Following a list of predefined processes to acquire a full understanding of your need, I make it my personal goal to provide fresh solutions that combine creative design with innovation and technology.

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About Me

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